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Data Pipelines for Everyone

Start analyzing your data without any development. Get your data where you need it. In minutes.

Collect your data ...

with ready-to use integrations for advertising platforms, applications, databases, files, analytical systems and event streams. As soon you configured a connection we take care about the rest.

... get it prepared ...

by cleaning, filtering, correcting, mapping, enriching and grouping your data to unify your data accross all different sources. Whenever you want, you can apply your own modifications to it. It’s your data, we help you to shape it.

... and start using it!

We make all of your data available where you want it to be. After the data transfer, we carry out data transformations to support you with ready-to-use data sets. Let's start with the analysis.

Focus on what really creates value: analyses and insights.

Ready in Minutes

Collect data from more then 100 sources by using our prebuild integrations.

Harmonized Schemas

We're standardizing the data so that there aren't ten different columns and names for the same thing.

Fully Managed

All processes will be maintained by us. If something needs to change you will often not even recognize it.

Forget about Data Silos

All your data is unified and available in tools you like to work with. Finally a single source of truth.

Independent Progress

No need for developers, everyone can setup the data flow to become a dedicated owner of his own data.

We are with you

Data topics can be complex but you are not alone. We are available for you whenever you need us.

Learn more about how pipe.ly can help you.


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The Guide to Finding the Best Data Pipeline Solution

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